Back Online!

Recently my website has been under construction while getting a ‘little’ facelift. A clean and chic new theme, along with a few other edits. I use ‘little’ very lightly, because on the outside it may appear that not much actually changed but behind the scenes my blog went through a major operation! I moved my blog and domain from a hosted site to a self hosted site where I now own my website and content. For anyone who doesn’t know what that means, translated it means many hours crying in front of my laptop because I don’t know what the heck I’m doing! It’s like going from riding a bike with training wheels on my hosted site, to riding a bike without any training wheels down a very steep hill – blindfolded!

It may sound a bit extreme, but those close to me or anyone ever been in a similar situation with a website will understand how daunting the experience can be. There is a lot more behind the scenes work tweaking and detailing the website to reveal the one you’re reading now. This explains why my website was down for a little over a month, instead of the planned two weeks. I couldn’t take one step forward without first spending hours watching Youtube tutorials, reading other blogs or being a part of a community of other bloggers on Facebook who shared their tips and tricks along the way. Therefore, every simple action took a day or two to actually make happen. I know what I want to do, I just don’t know how to do it. How do I tell the site I want that picture in the middle and not slightly to the left? You can’t just pick it up and drag it there – it isn’t like working in a Word document. On the website dashboard they speak another language altogether and the only problem is, the dictionary is scattered all over the internet like puzzle pieces.

So why did I do it? Why didn’t I just stay with the training wheels, instead of toppling the apple cart? Because I wanted to take things to a whole ‘nother level! I wanted to be more intentional about what I do instead of being complacent, and also, I wanted plug-ins! Because apparently plugs-ins are very important and I wanted some too. And if you don’t know what that is – welcome to my world!

The whole experience has been completely overwhelming, but I’m also really proud of what I’ve accomplished. It’s a major learning curve, and I’m grateful for the resources (and family!) available to aid me through the journey. I’m still learning and tweaking the site as I go. I was waiting for the right moment when everything was perfect to officially launch the site again, but then I realised that, one, I’m clearly a crazy perfectionist! But more importantly, two, it’s not about the perfection of the end result, it’s about the process. I’ve got to learn to be in love with the process. Gary Vaynerchuk reminded me of that.

So please feel free to have a look around my website, and let me know your thoughts on the new upgrade. I’m still tweaking and changing things as I go and would love your help identifying any errors or glitches.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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