Home-style food at Jimmy’s!

It’s no secret that I love food! And even through the middle of trying to “diet” before my wedding, (whatever that is!) I couldn’t resist the invitation to try out the Valentine’s Menu Preview at Jimmy’s Killer Brands in Ormonde. Situated in the newly renovated […]

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Happy New (February) Year!

January just never feels like a new year for me. The way Christmas spills over into New Year makes it feel like a merged holiday (refer to holiday photos), and it takes me a few days after that to adjust to life again. Then it […]

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Back Online!

Recently my website has been under construction while getting a ‘little’ facelift. A clean and chic new theme, along with a few other edits. I use ‘little’ very lightly, because on the outside it may appear that not much actually changed but behind the scenes […]

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