Favourites: May and June

It’s been the longest minute since I last wrote a favourites blog post. And I’m not entirely sure why, because not only do I enjoy reading other people’s favourites reviews, it also gives me the opportunity to take inventory of the things I have: what’s been working really well, and what needs to go!

In this favourites post I also add in a few other bits and bobs besides make up and skincare favourites. So let’s get straight into it:

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist


As I’ve mentioned a hundred times before, I have incredibly dry skin. So I spend a lot of time and money on products that will hydrate and moisturize my skin. My sister introduced me to this face mist and it’s been working wonders in the last month. It’s super light feeling, and moisturizing, and it absorbs easily into the skin. My favourite part about the mist is it is exactly that: a mist, that sprays gently and evenly over the skin without leaving you drenched in product. I apply this before and after my make up as it works as a setting spray too. This helps keep my skin glowing and subtle, without any tight feeling. The 100ml bottle lasts as a little goes a long way.

The Balm MadLash black Mascara

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I’ve tried a fair amount of mascara’s in my time. Big, bold and long eyelashes are one of my favourite make up looks. I am always excited to try new mascaras, as there is just so many on the market. My favourite at the moment is The Balm’s MadLash black Mascara. It has a curved wand that fits to the shape of your eye helping you get each lash in one easy motion. The thin and short bristles help get even the tiniest lash from the root without smudging or clumping. Although it doesn’t really give a fuller dramatic look, it does make your lashes super long and extended. The packaging is really fun with a “science-y” space theme and a tagline that reads: Go To Crazy Lengths. At the end of the day it comes off easily with make up remover or any cleanser.

Frank Body Body Scrub in coconut


This vegan friendly, all natural coffee and coconut based body scrub is life! I got it as a gift from my cousin from Australia and I love indulging in a little pampering every now and then. The main bulk of the ingredients are ‘roasted and ground Robusta coffee blend that scrubs away dry, flakey skin and targets imperfections’. It also has jojoba beads, grapeseed and coconut oils and flakes. After applying it all over my skin in circular motions and rinsing it off, my skin is unbelievingly soft and smooth. The coffee smell is quite pungent and can be overpowering, especially if coffee isn’t your thing. It is also a dry body scrub and can get a little messy.

The Balm Betty-Lou Manizer Bronzer


Another great The Balm product I’m loving right now is this all-in-one bronzer, shimmer and eye shadow. In winter my skin looses colour and to get that golden sun-kissed glow back I’m all about the bronzer! I discovered this product after my mom bought the Mary-Lou Manzier highlighter (which is fire!!). This bronzer is my everyday go-to for my cheeks and eyes. It has a golden tint with a touch of sparkle, but not too much making it mild enough for a day time look, but is buildable for a dramatic contour look. It’s soft and easy to apply without little to no fallout.


I’ve been dying to get myself a Popsocket for the longest time, and I’m so happy I did. I am convinced my left pinky finger is skew from constantly having to bear the weight of my phone from holding it for long periods of time. (I’m mildly addicted to my phone. Shhh!). With the popsocket it is so much easier to hold my phone, but also to prop my phone up and watch YouTube (which let’s be real, is the real reason I use my phone so much!). The cute designs are fun and add a little character to my phone, and it easily pops in and out whenever you need it. The popsocket is super adhesive to the phone and so far hasn’t fallen off once.

Movie: Bugsy Malone


Winter time is perfect for cuddling up in bed with a movie. One of my favourite classics has to be Bugsy Malone! My dad introduced me to this movie years ago and it’s always been a favourite of mine. It’s your typical 1920s gangsters film set in New York. Only it’s a musical, and all the adults are kids, and the guns are cream pies! Starring Jodi Foster, Scott Baio and John Cassisi and directed by Alan Parker, this film has everything: love triangles, underhand dealings, gang fights and Charleston-dancing ladies! And it’s perfect for all ages.

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    1. Thanks so much! This popsocket has been such a life saver, especially for those lazy moments! I completely feel you on that! haha! I used to lean my phone up against all sorts of props.