Five Favs of the Royal Wedding

Just when I thought I had recovered from The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Royal Wedding, on Monday they released (just) three official photographs of their wedding day, and I was an emotional wreck again!

I love the Royal Family. There is something about the British monarch that very much intrigues me, and I dream about having the most marvellous high tea with the Queen. So when my social media newsfeed was flooded with #RoyalWedding posts, I not only liked every single one of them, I revelled in it. I floated through my weekend reliving moments from the wedding, rewatching my favourite moments on YouTube and reading about the reception and wedding party. After a while I started to feel like I had actually attended the wedding, as mind-boggling as that may sound. With all this in mind, you’ll understand why my blog post is completely biased. Because basically, I’m a little obsessed.

It’s taken me a little while to compose my thoughts (and feelings), to consolidate what I loved the most (besides everything) about the Royal Wedding. Here’s my Five Favs (in no particular order):

  1. The Dress!

The arguments over those that loved the dress and those that didn’t, is probably worse than than the Laurel and Yanny debate. I, however, loved it! The clean, simple yet iconic design by Artistic Director of Givenchy, Clare Waight Keller, reminded me of golden area Hollywood glam. It was modern and timeless at the same time. The drama was all in the veil: it was reported that Meghan (I mean the Duchess of Sussex) requested a flower from all 53 Commonwealth nations in her look which was embroidered onto the 16-foot long veil. Amongst all the lavish opulence that surrounds the Royal Wedding, Ms Markle’s wedding dress stood out with elegance and sophistication. The plain white gown reminded me a new slate and a new beginning.

2. This page boy!

Page Boy Royal Wedding |

What an incredible opportunity for the Mulroney twins to be given the task of holding the Duchess’ train as she walked down the Isle of St. George’s Chapel. My favourite moment, caught candidly on camera, was the look of sheer excitement on one of the twins as the procession music began at the doors of the chapel. Missing a few teeth in the front and bearing the most gigantic smile, this page boy’s young innocence couldn’t be masked and this moment was me while watching baited breath.

3. David Beckham!

While Prince Harry (excuse me Duke of Sussex) was looking charmingly dashing in his Military Uniform of the Blues and Royals, David Beckham stole the show! That’s it! I have nothing more to say expect to leave these photos for your viewing. You’re welcome! (Photo credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire)

4. Oprah trying to find her seat!

At something as big as the Royal Wedding with so many camera crews and photographers, there’s very little that will go unnoticed by at least one camera. Especially when you’re someone as well known as Oprah. From the moment she stepped inside the chapel, even her gorgeous big hat and retro sunglasses couldn’t hide her confused look of trying to find where she was seated. I couldn’t help but chuckle as the camera found her not once but twice looking for her seat, constantly checking what looked like her seat card in her hand or anyone around to assure her of where to sit. It was such a cute moment! Thankfully the Queen of Showbiz found her way, and of course was seated at the very front in the choir hall along with all the Royals and the Queen, even leaning forward in agreement during Reverend Michael Curry’s sermon.

5. Doria, mother of the bride!

Doria Ragland |

Having read only a small amount on the hardships she endured and single-handedly raising her daughter, my heart just exploded every time she appeared on the screen. Sitting all alone on the Duchess’ left side, Doria Ragland watched in amazement as her daughter wed her prince. She carried herself with such poise and pride, while I watched her like a royal mess through tears and a thumping heart. She looked magnificent in a pastel green Oscar de le Renta, while the expression on her face throughout spoke a millions words. Although a juxtaposition of a one-woman house against an entire monarchy, Doria stood out in those pews and my eyes just fixated on her for as long as the camera would allow.

What were some of your favourite moments of the Royal Wedding?

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