“How’s the wedding planning going?”

My usual response is an uncertain raised eyebrow, pouted lips, shrugged shoulders, with a “coming along, slowly”. I then laugh it off, and hope I don’t get asked any more questions that I don’t know the answers to. To be honest, I don’t know how to properly answer that question. For such a simple question I should have a simple answer, but through all the organised chaos of planning a wedding, this simple question suddenly becomes fully loaded.

Not only does my heart rate go up, my palms become sweaty and I lose the ability to speak proper English sentences, and I get so flustered trying to answer this question. I think the stress, anxiety and worry is written all over my face and thankfully every time people are forgiving and comforting. I think perhaps the reason I get so frazzled when asked ‘how are the wedding plans going’ is because I really don’t know myself. I’m neither there nor here, somewhere in between but not really. At times I know what I want, and other times I’m completely confused.

I’ve mentioned many times before how overwhelming the wedding industry is, and the entire process is such a learning experience. But when you’re right in the middle of it, it’s very daunting and quite frightening. I don’t think I’ve quite seen sales people like wedding sales people. It’s next level marketing and very pushy in-your-face kind of stuff! The thing about weddings, besides the ceremony, is you don’t actually need the other items. They are all just luxuries to colour the rest of the day, so the sales game is tough and every vendor is fighting to have your attention and tell you how much you need them.

There’s also the dreaded time line. Of course I have a wedding planning checklist that I’m working with, and yes I am ticking off items as I go. But it’s merely a guide and a lot of time things don’t stick exactly to plan. Time runs out faster than the sand in Days of Our Lives hourglass, and because planning a wedding is not my full time job, life gets in the way. Thus shortening my already short time line, and increasing the pressure.

While planning a wedding, my fiancé and I are also planning for life beyond the wedding day. Essentially it’s even more important than the wedding; It’s next 50 to 100 years of our lives (give or take). From time to time, I forget this, but luckily my fiancé is there with a firm “no” when I want to extend the budget or splurge on imported flowers. I understand he’s thinking about our future too.

So, how is my wedding planning going? Coming along, slowly.

*Images from Unsplash.

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