In conversation with Mariechan, vocalist for Gone Too Soon

Mariechan first hit the spotlight after winning Popstars, as part of the girl group Jamali. With her incredible vocal ability to work within any genre, Mariechan joins the vocal cast of Gone Too Soon at The Lyric at Gold Reef City later this October 2018. Having worked with some of South Africa’s biggest artists and DJ’s, Mariechan is finally working on her solo album that aims to show her versatility and reveal a different side to her. ‘Different’ by Mariechan and Shekhinah is currently play listed on national radio.

In my interview with Mariechan she chats about the music industry, tells us a little bit more about her solo projects, as well as being a part of Gone Too Soon.

  1. After 10 years with successful Popstars group Jamali, what have you learned about the music industry in South Africa and what would be your advice for young aspiring singers and musicians? 

The music industry has been eye opening, so much was done for us when we started and at that stage the industry was different- now the upside is, the artist has so much more control, but at the same time the artist has little control.  There is a paradox in the industry… but if you work hard and invest in yourself it will pay off, I am seeing it now. For everyone with a dream and drive, that’s enough, it got me out of my comfort zone and living my dream. Let your dream and talent be pushed by hard work because hard work supersedes talent if talent doesn’t work hard. Save and invest in yourself.

2.     What are some of your favourite songs from Gone Too Soon, and why?

I know and like most of the songs, although some were before my time. I just enjoy good music, going deeper into the artist’s mind and their history. When you’re an artist you appreciate the creativity and innovation that goes into writing and recording a good song.

3.    You are currently working on your first solo project. Tell me a little bit more about it, and what you hope to achieve as a solo artist.

My EP titled “Cherry Blossom” is due for release in November and all I can say is, get ready… this is a part of me I never got to share when I was still in a group. My music aims to get heads bopping and hips moving but my message is about growth, independence and hope. I can’t wait for people to experience all of me.

4.    What are you most looking forward to in being a part of this show, Gone Too Soon?

I look forward to connecting with the audience, celebrating those that paved the way for artists like me and influenced my music and performing alongside some of the industry’s greats, Timothy Moloi & Joseph Clark.

Tickets range from R150 – R280.

Bookings are through or Computicket or by calling The Lyric Theatre Box Office on 011 248 5000.

For more information go here.

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