My Favourite Classic Movies

In my 26 years on earth I’ve watched a lot of movies. Especially since I consider watching movies more a part of my life than it is a hobby. Thus, it becomes very difficult to categorise my favourites because there’s just so many in my head, all playing out together at random intervals in my mind. (Life is a movie, right?) But there are the classics;  the movies I’ve watched more than should be considered normal. My go to selection of movies when we can’t decide what to watch for family movie night. The types of movies you probably still have on VHS or DVD but you’re not ready to let go of even though you already have a digital version.

Just as winter is approaching (or rather IS here in Joburg) and it’s the perfect weather to grab some popcorn and even a hot chocolate, here’s a look at my favourite classic movies, most from the early 2000s. Perfect for ending family arguments, snuggling up with Bae, or the kind of pick me up you need after a really long week of living life (because let’s be honest, we all deserve medals just for doing that!)

  1. RV (2006) 

I can already hear the murmurs and eye rolls from my family. I’ve definitely tipped the scale when it comes to over watching this movie, but it’s just so great! The late Robbin Williams is just such a master at comedy (so really any movie with him is a winner!). While trying to navigate keeping his job and spending time with his family, Bob (Robbin Williams) decides to rent an RV for his unsocialable family who just want to go to Hawaii. It’s such a feel good family film, that has you stitches from beginning to end. It may have a cliche ending that you can sort of predict early on the film, but it’s more about the journey and what happens in between.

2. Stick It (2006) 

You know those types of movies that make you feel bad-ass, ready to conquer and do anything? This is one of those films. Stick It, starring the beyond beautiful Missy Peregrym is about Hayley who’s behaviour meets with the law and is forced to attend an elite gymnastics academy. It’s a teen comedy-drama that explores friendships and enemies, and sticking it to the man (whoever that may be.) Filled with crazy gymnastic tricks and an early 2000s pop-rock meets hip-hop sound track, this female directed film is just the movie to feel those girl-boss, female-take-over type vibes.

3. Mr Bean Holiday (2007) 

This film might not be for everybody, because Mr Bean is the type of character either you love or you hate. And I LOVE Mr Bean. Personally I think Rowan Aktinson’s physical embodiment of Mr Bean comedy is brilliant (and I may or may not still watch reruns of the Mr Bean show!) Mr Bean’s Holiday is the kind of film that leaves you feeling confused, crying with laughter and singing ‘Le Mer’ by Charles Trenet at the end. It brings a sense of adventure and wonderment as Mr Bean journeys to reunite a boy with his father in the south of France, all while ruining a commercial shoot, basking in the market place and even appearing in a Cannes Film Festival movie, and much more.

4. Up (2009) 

A much slower paced film, Up has one of the best musical scores I’ve ever heard in an animation film. It has the ability to show more emotion in a montage of only a few minutes and no spoken words, than some full length real-life movies can. 78 year old Carl Fredrickson attempts to do something absolutely crazy: sail to South America. In his house. By balloon! He is unexpectedly met by boy scouts member Russell, who is one badge away from becoming a Wilderness Explorer. It’s a light hearted film that makes you cry, smile, laugh, and cry a little a more. (Or at least, I cried.) It’s brilliant, and is probably why it won two Oscars for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Score in 2010.

5. The Day After Tomorrow (2004) 

This is, hands down, my favourite movie ever! It’s one of my all time favourite classics today, tomorrow and always. You’re probably thinking one of two things: Either you have no idea what movie this is or you’re wondering how in the world I don’t have a better favourite movie. But I can’t help it. It’s probably because The Day After Tomorrow was one of the first movies I fell in love with. Not only because, who doesn’t love a young Jake Gyllenhaal, but it was and still is an epic, the-world-is-ending, triumphant type anthem that leaves you questioning your own values and morals. It has the large scale CGI effects, life threatening scenarios, father-son relationship, boy likes girl but boy won’t say anything to girl situation, and the type of soundtracks Hollywood movies are made of. When a superstorm develops and causes catastrophic natural disasters throughout the entire world, Jack Hall (Dennie Quaid) must save his son Sam (Jake Gyllenhaal) and his friends who are trapped, before it’s too late.

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  1. Lovely post. You can never go wrong with a good ol classic. Mr Bean Holiday and the Day After Tomorrow are my two favourites on your list. Thank you so much for sharing and taking us back.