My Final Thoughts on Environ Focus Care Range Trial

As much as I love taking care of my skin, I sometimes dread the process. But in the last few weeks while trialling the new Environ Focus Care Range with Beauty Bulletin, I actually get excited use the products! It’s been almost a month and here are my final and honest thoughts on the Environ Focus Care Youth+ Revival Masque and the Environ Focus Care Moisture+ Hydrating Oil Capsules.

Overall, I have loved the experience of trialling these products, and especially enjoyed being a part of a community of people also documenting their journey. The Environ Live Chat with Environ’s Global Education Manager, Sole Joubert, was very informative not only about Environ products but also in learning about our skin and the positive effects of Vitamin A. This is the cornerstone ingredient of Environ products that they believe help to keep the skin healthier and more resilient.

Environ Focus Care Youth+ Revival Masque

I’ve never really been concerned about fine line or wrinkles on my skin, (even though I do have them they never really worry me) but the reason I love this revival masque is that it works beyond the skin with Alpha Hydroxy Acids to combat other signs of ageing as well including sun damage, dullness and rough textures that concern me more. It’s advertised as a ‘facelift in a jar’, and directly after application my skin feels more firm without being too tight. The tiny lines I have around my eyes have reduced and the pores around my nose are less visible. As someone with dry and sensitive skin sometimes coarse exfoliants can further irritate my skin, but with the AHA’s it works beyond the surface and my skin has started to look more healthier.

The masque is a lightweight cream to gel-like consistency that easily applies on the skin and doesn’t dry hard on the face. It’s clear formula (which I wasn’t really a fan of in the beginning), actually works well to be able to use it as an overnight mask by the third week of use.

Environ Focus Care Moisture+ Hydrating Capsules

This has been my favourite product from the first time I used it! Anything that hydrates my skin feels like finding a well in a desert, but this product is like finding a gelato stand – hydrating and luxurious. Individually encased with just the right amount of product per use, it’s thick and velvety texture easily glides over my skin. After massaging it into the skin, it fully absorbs with no sticky or oily residue and my skin feels extremely smooth to the touch. When using it at night, my skin still feels hydrated in the morning, and while using it in the morning it creates a great surface for makeup (after moisturiser and primer).

Together these products from the Environ Focus Care Range improved the overall appearance of my skin, that looks healthier, more firm and hydrated. The products look and feel like high end skincare that I feel are worth the price tag and I can instantly see results directly after use. I would definitely recommend taking a look at the new Environ Focus Care Range that is targeted to your specific skin concerns.

To read but my first impressions on the products you can read my previous post here.

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