My Handbag Essentials

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but handbags are like our sisters! (Can I get an amen!) I have handbags of all shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. I select my handbag on whatever mood I’m in: A small, casual body sling for a quick stop at the grocery store, a sleek backpack for those theme park outings, a tote shopper for those working on the go days, or a fancy clutch for those nights out. Through all the ever ‘changings’ from bag to bag, there are some essential items I always carry.

Handbag Essentials |

Lip balm

This is possibly the most essential essential item in my handbag. I’ll even throw this in my pocket if I’m leaving the house without a bag. I have the worlds most dry, chapped, cracked lips on the planet so I always carry a treatment lip balm and my favourite for a while now is Eucerin Intensive Lip Balm for Dry Skin. It’s a little on the pricey side, but after trying a good few treatment lip balms this is so worth it. It has a slightly thick consistency that coats the lips and doesn’t make them white or pick up all the flakes of skin and draw even more attention to your lips like some lip balms do. It stays on the lips for a long time so you don’t have to keep reapplying too often. It makes my lips feel soft and subtle, and soothes the itchy and dry feeling. It has a bit of shine, so it works well as a natural lipgloss. I love the fact that it is in a tube because I’m not a fan of dabbing my finger into a container to apply lip balm. Hello germs!

Handbag Essentials |

Sanitary towels

Unless you’re using the new generation Menstrual Cups, a few sanitary towel items are a must. Not only for when Aunty Rose pays you a visit, but I always carry just in case. Just in case she tries to surprise me when I’m not ready, but also to help a friend out when Aunty Rose surprises them. Girls on their period unite!

Handbag Essentials |

Cash dollar money

Although in a lot of countries all over the world everything is moving towards cashless transactions, back home in South Africa, we may be on our way there, but not just yet. I definitely carry my purse with my must haves like driver’s license, bank card and medical aid card, but there are still things that require you to have cash. My dad swears by always carrying just a little bit of cash on you for emergencies. And all through his constant reminders there’s a few times I’ve had to make that call to my dad that starts with, “Dad, I need your help!”. Like the time I got stuck in a parking lot because the machine did not accept cards and the only ATM in the building was not working. Or the time I forgot my pin code for my card while getting a few things at the grocery store. Or the countless times I haven’t been able to pay the car guard. A little cash can really save you in a time of need.


This is something I never really added to my handbag until I was in the freelance acting industry and you go from one place to another, basically living in your car for the day. Even with the best deodorants, of course, after a while you can feel, and smell, a bit stale. I love the small roller perfumes that can easily fit into my bag and have a gentle, subtle fragrance that gives you a lift. Currently I use Zara Petals Eau de Toilette 10ml. It’s has a wonderful flowery and powdery scent, that I love, and it’s super affordable and strangely lasts longer than you think. (Considering you don’t roll it all over your body every time. Less is more.)


Handbag Essentials |

Hand lotion

So this might not be an essential essential (so don’t ask me and always expect to have some), but on most occasions I’ll have a good hand lotion. I don’t really suffer from dry hands so when I do use lotion during the day, it’s to dab a little on the dry spots of my body that have become white and ashy. Like my elbows, knees, or sometimes even my legs. I also use a small amount of lotion under my eyes for my dry eyes, or when my highlighter has faded I dab some lotion onto the apples of my cheeks and hope the greasiness will reflect off the sun.

Handbag Essentials |

What are some of your handbag essentials that you just can’t leave the house without? Let me know in the comments.


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