Sorbet Make Up Review

Just a few months ago, Sorbet released a full make up range in a big way. I have been, and I am, quite a fan of Sorbet products. I use of lot of their other body, bath and skincare products and find they are great value products at more affordable prices. So I was very keen to try the new make up range because I the girl that would rather use the cheaper alternative if it does the job. Using my own cash dollar money, I bought four items to create a basic make up look. To get a better feel for the products, I’ve been using the products for a month now. Sometimes first impressions change and I thought I’d really give the products the benefit of the doubt before judging them too harshly at first use.

Overall, I’m really impressed. Although the Sorbet make up is on the higher end of affordable make up that is usually available at Clicks and Dischem stores (the South African version of drugstores), I was most impressed by the sleek and modern design that makes it feel luxurious. Keeping with the Sorbet brand, the products have cute, quirky names and sayings that we’ve come to love about Sorbet. There were some yays, and also some nays. 

Bare Faced Liquid Foundation R259.95


Let’s start with the basics: foundation. Sorbet claims that through The Skin Tone Project, they wanted to find the perfect skin tone palette for South African women. There’s multiple different foundations for different coverages and textures, depending on your preference. I’m definitely more a medium coverage girl, with dry skin that needs light and breathable foundation that won’t stick to all my awful flakes. I chose Bare Faced in the shade Buff. I have to say, this is my number one product. I love the foundation. It’s light weight, melts int the skin, has a silky satin finish that soft to the touch that is not too matte or too dewy AND fits my skin tone perfectly. The light coverage is buildable to a medium coverage without looking cakey. It makes it look like my natural skin, only better with added SFP. I’ve worn the foundation with and without a primer, and I have to say a primer works better. I found that a light and creamy moisturising primer that absorbs into the skin, because when I used a more oil based primer I found the foundation moved around on my face and created some patches. Bonus pro! It has a pump! Goodness, it’s a small but amazing feature I feel all foundations bottles should have.

Eye to Eye Eyeshadow Quad in Cocoa Crush R179.95


Although I’m not really a fan of small eyeshadow palettes and prefer to have one big palette with all the colours, the quad does make it easier to pop into your handbag if you want to touch up at any point. I chose the bronze toned quad, Cocoa Crush, as I feel it has colours you can wear in the day or night. At first I was a bit skeptical because if there’s anything I hate, it’s affordable eyeshadow that has all this Barbie girl glitter and barely any pigment, and with this quad there was all shimmery eyeshadows and not one matte colour to soften the look and help blend. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I applied them as they have a iridescent glow instead of shiny glitter. It’s subtle and soft and the colours blend so smoothly with a fair amount of pigment (there could be a little more but it has a pretty and natural look that can be built up for a more evening look). It does come with a tiny double sided eyeshadow brush, which I’m not sure anyone even uses any more. I think they could do with out it.

Lash Cheat Macara R159.95


Ok, so here I have to get real with you. I was highly disappointed with this product. It promised so much and delivered very little. I’m a full dramatic lash kinda girl, so when the packaging said super volume and length, I instantly grabbed it and thew it in my basket. Especially because it says it has fibres to help give a more fuller effect and argon oil to moisturise and nourish the lashes. Except, when I tried it there was barely anything on my lashes. The consistency of the formula seems slightly too thin and the fibres just clump in the wand and don’t actually adhere to your lashes. I really wanted this product to work and so I’ve kept using it in different ways to get the best results. I found that I if I used another mascara as a base on my lashes and then applied the Sorbet Lash Cheat, I got a better (although not amazing) result. I think the mascara is for the SUPER subtle look that coats your lashes in oils and a slight tint of black colour for a no make up make up look. Unfortunately I didn’t get the false lash effect I was hoping for that the packaging promised.

Get Lippy Moisturising Lip Colour R139.95


Sorbet make up has a range of lip glosses, matte lipsticks and gloss lipsticks. I chose Dream in the Get Lippy gloss lipstick range. The texture is smooth and glides on effortlessly dispersing colour evenly without any patches. It feels soft and luxurious on your lips, with a high colour payoff. I would recommend testing out the colours before purchasing as some colours show different on different skin tones. The super great thing about the Sorbet make up range, that you don’t usually see with all affordable make up brands, is that every product (except the mascara) has a tester. And from what I experienced at the Clicks stores, the sales assistants are very helpful and not only do they have a ‘match me’ service for foundation, you can now do your make up with Sorbet at Clicks stores. Nice!

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