Wedding Words of Wisdom

I’m in that phase. That phase where I feel like I’ve been planning my wedding for 10 years and yet the time feels so close and so far at the same time. I’m also in that phase where I feel like I’m slightly over wedding planning. Like I could just elope tomorrow and then be done with it. But then my mood boards remind me of the all the prettiness and romance of the wedding I’m currently planning. It’s also reminds me of the amount of money we’ve already spent (still about to spend) and deposits we’ve committed to, and then suddenly I get back into the swing of things.

When things seem to get a little overwhelming, I take a step back and remember some of the amazing wedding advise I’ve been told to put things into perspective. Here are some wedding words of wisdom:

“A marriage is more than just the wedding”

I have these words ringing in my ear because my fiance is always reminding me of this. Look, I have to take what he says with a pinch of salt because I feel guys don’t always see weddings the same way girls do. So when he asks why flowers are important, I just give a crooked smile and pat him on the shoulder. BUT, I do understand that putting too much focus on the wedding day is not as important as investing in our relationship for the rest of our lives. Although I don’t like it when he pops my fairytale bubble, I have to (hate to) admit that he keeps my ideas grounded and realistic.

“Do your wedding how you want it, and not for anyone else”

Thanks mom! There’s an unspoken pressure to fulfil everyone else’s vision of my own wedding. And (lovingly) have people tell us what we should do and who we should invite. Of course everyone has the best intentions at heart, but it can be a lot of unnecessary stress if you’re trying to pleasure other people. Thankfully my mom always has my back, and steers me in the direction of doing what I want. (Well, what Wade and I want – but I know what he wants. He just doesn’t know it yet).

“Your dream wedding is for your head”

I have to chuckle when I hear my friends words in my head when something doesn’t go as planned. I am the type of personal who will do whatever I can to recreate my vision, even if that means that sometimes I have tweak the original idea A LOT! Pinterest and Instagram can sometimes sell us these incredible luxe wedding dreams, and while they are not completely unattainable, they can taint your experience when you’re unable to get what you’d like within your budget. With that said, I’m an advocate for dreaming, and dreaming big! So although sometimes I may not get exactly what I wanted, luckily there’s many others ways to get there and little DIY never hurt anyone.

“Love them from the balcony”

This is from one of my favourite speakers, Pastor Kimberly Jones Pothier. It has noting to do with wedding planning, but I felt it resonated with me in my wedding planning journey. Sometimes people won’t like you, or what you’re doing, or who you’re with, or maybe they’re a little salty because they didn’t get invited to the wedding. It’s not great to have that negative energy around you so it’s best to love them from afar. Put them on the balcony of your life and you do you!

Have any wedding words or wisdom? Share them down below in the comments. 

*Images from Pexels.

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