Why I Love my Bride Tribe

At this point, I am right in the middle of planning my wedding. I’m at the exact point where things just got real. Where there is no more time to scroll leisurely through bridal magazines, or create mood boards and pin 1000 images to my Pinterest. That time has come and gone. Now is the time to make decisions, book vendors and pay deposits. It’s the time where the real action begins and all the months of planning begin to roll out.

This is also the potential border between sanity and bridezilla. It’s where a bride can get really stressed, overwhelmed and maybe even crazy. How do I know this? Because I think I’m at the border control and if it weren’t for my team that keep my grounded, I’d be stamping my passport and heading straight to brides-ville.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have ‘your people’. It can be a team of one (like maybe even just your fiancé) or of a few (like your girlfriends, mom, sister, gran, aunt, neighbour, whoever), but here’s my reasons why I love having my bride tribe!

  • Keeping me grounded

When things get a little too much to handle or overwhelming I have loved having someone there to remind me of the real heart being the wedding. Remind me of what’s important and putting things into perspective. When all I see is wedding planning, my tribe helps steer my thinking in the right direction. My sister loves to keep it real and I appreciate her honesty, even when she needs to shake me up a little.

  • Making me accountable

At any given point in the day I have one million thoughts racing through my head. As a creative freelancer, there is always different things going on and my mind can get a little scattered. My tribe helps keep me on track and reminds me of the timeline and things that need to get done. My parents, and fiancé, are great at helping me keep to budget and being mindful of the finances – which, I must attempt, isn’t my strongest point.

  • Sounding board

I always tend to look to others for reassurance. I think I know what I want, but I always need others to tell me that I know what I want, (if that makes sense). My favourite experience so far has been wedding dress shopping with my bridesmaids and my mom. Complete with champagne and dramatic reveals behind a curtain, we went full out and I loved having my tribe to share it with. But I also valued their thoughts and opinions because it’s great to get an objective view on the dress. Although, everyone always says that ultimately it’s my decision, I love having my tribe around me to present my ideas. When I say present, I literally mean presentation. I create full on presentations with visual aids and everything to validate why I think I want something in the wedding. I know, I’m a bit extra.

  • Creating special memories

Earlier this week I was completely surprised by a beautiful gift from my bride tribe in the countdown to my big day, that I started to cry. It was a such beautiful reminder to celebrate moments in the journey of planning my wedding. Even though it seems simple enough, I had honestly forgot about enjoying the process. For so long I was so stressed and anxious that every time someone asked me about the wedding planning I just wanted to dig a hole and disappear so I wouldn’t have to answer the question. I’m so thankful to have people surrounding me who are not only there to cheer me on, deal with my unstable emotions, and listen to my boring presentations, but also to add a little sparkle. And it’s even better to celebrate these moments with people I love so dearly. #Blessed

What do you (or did you) love about your bride tribe?

*Featured image from Unsplash. 

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