Winter Favourites

I love trying new beauty products, although sometimes my budget doesn’t allow me too much room to splurge on products I’m not entirely sure about. So I am always thrilled when I find products I love. These are some of my winter favourites through June and July.IMG_2183

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I couldn’t help but notice this product as every Beauty YouTuber was raving about it. I’m very lazy when it comes to cleansing my face, so make up wipes are my absolute favourite at the end of the night when it’s time to take my makeup off. This Micellar water works the same way as a make up wipe. You simply add a few drops to a cotton pad and apply to your face. It works really well on eye make up without being too harsh. It’s a one-step product that cleanses as well, so afterwards my skin feels smooth but without drying it out. I like that you can control the amount of product you want on the cotton pad like adding more to target areas of thicker or darker make up. They also come in different sizes so that you can take a small bottle when travelling.


Catrice Prime and Fine

I’ve never used a primer before, but in winter my skin is so dry my foundation starts to flake all over my face even though I moisturize. The Catrice Prime and Fine Beautifying Primer has worked well to smooth out my skin, creating a silky layer for my foundation to glide on. (It keeps the flakes down!) It also adds an illuminating glow and definition to my face. And this season highlighting is all the talk. I only apply a small amount mainly to my T-zone area and work it through the rest of my face.


Benefit They’re Real

I go through so many mascaras, and then sit with tons of unused containers that eventually dry out. I am obsessed with dramatic, long and volumized lashes. So I’m usually a sucker for any product that boasts these things. Sometimes, however, I get lucky. And then it’s my favourite until it doesn’t do what it did in the beginning. So far Benefit They’re Real has delivered its promises. They make my lashes blacker than black while elongating them. The applicator is thin and makes it easy to coat even the small bottom lashes without giving you a massive smudged black eye. The formula is stickier than most mascaras I’ve tried, but this means it lasts all day long!


Essence Prettifying Lip Oil

I love Essence! It is my go to brand that always has a cheaper option for what’s trending on the market. And the craze right now? Lip Oils. The winter weather doesn’t do well for my skin, but it does even worse for my lips. They are always cracked, chipped and flaking. I’ve tried so may lip products I could start my own beauty store. The Essence Lip Oil is basically like the 90s roller lip-gloss I’m sure most of us had when we were young. It even has a similar scent. Although it doesn’t last long on the lips, and I do need to reapply often, I love how it completely coats the lips. While some lip balms can actually bring attention to your chapped lips by making them white, the lip oil covers and smooths them.


Essence Liquid Lipstick

While everyone is going matte, I’m still loving a bit of shine. The Essence Liquid Lipstick is like a lip-glass and lipstick in one. The applicator is easy to use and gives enough product without having to keep dunking it in for more. The texture is smooth and feels nourishing on my lips, while the scent is delicious.



I’ve just started using Epimax (towards the end of winter I know), but it has been amazing since. I hate the itchy feeling dry skin gives you, and the annoying white flakes on my black clothes. I spent most of the winter trying out different creams, and oils to help alleviate my dryness. Epimax cream is thick and coats the skin creating a barrier to the harsh weather. Unlike the Epimax lotion, that absorbs to quickly into the skin, then the top layer of my skin is still dry after a while. Quite honestly, I have not much to say expect it does the job! Which is great.

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