About Me

Hi, I’m Waydene Laing.

I’m 26 years young, living in the city of gold, Johannesburg, South Africa. I am an actress, writer, creative, radio presenter, social media enthusiasts and YouTube obsessed. I graduated from Wits University with a BA in Dramatic Arts Honors and have been embarking on life’s journeys ever since. A few years ago I started my WordPress blog, Words With Waydz – a sideline creative space I used to express my daily thoughts and ramblings.

Now, I’m ready to sink my teeth into something meatier. I am so excited to share my thoughts and visuals with you. I don’t claim to be a master on everything I write about, (because having your own blog automatically makes you a qualified professional, right? – of course not!). But I have always enjoyed reading and hearing other peoples’ real experiences in an authentic manner. And that is what I aim to do. I aim to write from the heart, with as much colour and life that lives within in my own mind. Where I can lend my expertise, I definitely will.

I don’t know what’s to come, but I’m sure excited!


Robyn Davie Photography

Photography: Robyn Davie


Contact Me

For acting enquiries, please contact my agent: Jurgie Wagener at Artist Connection Johannesburg, South Africa   For other enquiries, kindly fill out the form below:   You can also follow my social media pages by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the page.