August Favourites

August is my favourite month of the year, as it is my birthday month. Although the weather is terrible, as Winter and Spring fight it out, I know that I’ll get some gorgeous prezzies and I’ve got a free pass to do some splurging without feeling guilty. It’s my birthday month – anything is allowed. Here are some of my favourite picks of the month.


Oral-B Pro-Expert 

Anyone who knows me well knows I am obsessed with white teeth. I have tried all the home remedies, like bicarbonate of soda and lemon, the peel of a banana, even smashed strawberries. I’m not entirely sure they make my teeth any whiter, but they do make my teeth feel… different. I discovered the Oral-B Pro-Expert by my dentist when he gave me a few free samples during my recent visits (I’m quite a regular.) And I love it! Yes it does all the good stuff like (according to the packaging of Oral-B Pro-Expert) it gives All-Around Protection and helps protect against cavities, prevent gum problems and plaque, build protection against sensitivity, prevent enamel erosion and tarter, whiten teeth and freshen breath. Which is great! But it also gives you a super clean feeling in your month, and I love the fresh mint flavor that’s subtle enough, and not like you’re chewing on a few pieces of mint from the garden. More importantly, it makes my teeth look so much whiter and shiner. It gives you that clean, fresh, tingling feeling like you just hopped off the dentist chair.



Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection, Arched Power Brush 100

I’ve realized my make up collection has become what new stationary was for me in primary school at the start of every year: exhilarating! You can really take your make up to the next level when you use the right tools. The Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection gives make up brushes a whole new look and feel. I love the sleek, geometric design that helps you hold the brush comfortably in your hands. The synthetic bristles are SO soft, and don’t fall out all over your face. This Arched Power Brush is domed shaped and moves smoothly across the contours of your face. This brush is my go to for everyday powering all over my face and looks so stylish in my make up collection. Although it is a bit pricey, for a single brush, the quality is great and you can build up your brush collection perhaps month by month.



Morgan Taylor in No Way Rosé

Although I love having my nails done, you’re more likely to find me with natural nails. My problem is I get bored too quickly with one colour. Going to the salon becomes such a waste because I fork out so much money to hate my nail colour for next few days. Yes, I know, first world problems. So usually I’ll buy a nail colour and do it myself at home – only I am not the best at painting my nails. (Anyone else hate getting bubbles all over your nails after painting them?) While visiting my local beauty salon I decided to buy a salon worthy brand that would hopefully be good quality on my nails. The price was well, quite pricey, but I figured it was the price of one application when paying to do it at the salon, and now I could get multiple uses out of this one bottle. To much of the dismay of the nail therapist trying to convince me that I couldn’t buy a metallic colour for all my nails and could only use it for my one accent finger, I disagreed. With all the buzz around metallic lipgloss and metallic eyeshadow, I didn’t see what was wrong with metallic nails. And I love it! The shade ‘No Way Rosé’ has an iridescent pink and silver to it, and gives your nails a foiled effect. It definitely says SPRING, without being too shiny. I have always loved the quality of Morgan Taylor because it lasts so long and dries fairly quickly.



Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Urban Decay is finally in South Africa. Yes I know, old news. And although a tiny shop within Sandton City where you can’t swing a cat, it’s good to know we no longer have to admire other beauty bloggers from overseas. I have used my Naked Basics Palette since the beginning of the year and was very happy with the pigmentation and blending quality of the eye shadows. Naked 2 has some beautiful shimmery shades and a few mattes that are perfect for everyday to evening looks. Shades like Chopper, very similar to my Morgan Taylor ‘No Way Rosé’, and Half Baked have gorgeous metallic glows with so much pigmentation and not just glitter, but are wearable for a day look. Darker shades like the matte Blackout and shimmery Snakebite, can give you a dramatic evening look. The palette comes with a double-ended shading/blending brush, plus free Urban Decay eye shadow primer samples. However, I was quite disappointed with the quality of the packaging. Within days of purchasing, a few individual eye shadows fell out of the holder, and the casing of the palette is quite flimsy and plastic. For such a high end and expensive brand I wasn’t impressed but the shades are so pigmented and blend out so well, I over looked the packaging dismay.



EOS Lip Balm

This is the only product on my list you won’t be able to find in South African stores, but you can order online. (I would link a few online stores that I know stock these, but I have never tried them myself.) I went a bit crazy in my recent trip to New York and bought some at the local drugstore, Duane Read (pharmacy, for my fellow South Africans). And it was so worth it! Although a few brands available at Dischem have latched on to the EOS signature round design, the original is still the best. The scents are delicious – you almost want to eat them – and they last incredibly long. So one balm is good for over a month. EOS makes my lips feel super smooth, without picking up all the cracks and chaps. It doesn’t leave a white residue around the inner lining of my lips like some lip balms have before. It is honestly my favourite of favourites!


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