Choc-Caramel Sweet Treat Dessert

You know those times when you have a family get together and one family member is responsible for bringing that one signature dish that everyone in the family loves? Well this dessert is a twist on a family traditional dessert made by my aunt, taken over by sister and reinvented by me. It’s simple, and easy to make if you just want to quickly whip up something sweet for after dinner or perfect for that late Sunday afternoon treat.


Ingredients: (makes about 6-8 individual servings)

1 whipping cream

1 tin of caramel

1 packet of malted chocolate puffs

1 pack of oatmeal digestive biscuits

1 carton of vanilla custard


  1. I like to start by preparing everything and then I begin the layering process. So first whip the cream until it is smooth and peaks at the top when you lift the spoon. Be careful not to churn up some butter – I usually buy 2 tubs of cream, as this is a common problem for me. Set aside.
  2. Next smooth the caramel by mixing it in a bowl until there are no more lumps. Set aside.
  3. Pour out the malted chocolate puffs on a flat board or surface and with the back of a spoon press into each one to slightly crush it. I like to leave them chunky so that you get a chocolaty surprise when you take a spoonful of the dessert. Put it in a bowl and set aside.IMG_2383
  4. Lastly for the prep, break up the digestive biscuits into rough pieces. Place in a bowl and set aside.IMG_2380
  5. The next steps are layering. I used a plastic bag to help pipe the cream and caramel, as it helps not to mix all the ingredients together and have clear layers. You can use a piping bag if you have one, but placing the wet ingredients in a clear, clean zip-lock sandwich bag, and snipping off a corner works just as well.
  6. Using a clear dessert bowl or jar, place the biscuits at the bottom. Just enough to evenly sit at the bottom, not too much.IMG_2388
  7. Pour the custard over just to cover the biscuits. What’s so lovely about this step, is after a while the biscuits soak up the custard to create a smooth base.IMG_2389
  8. Being careful with this step, pipe the cream on top of the custard. You don’t want the custard and cream to mix.
  9. Next is the caramel. Again being careful when piping over the cream.IMG_2390
  10. Now sprinkle the malted chocolate puffs evenly. Don’t be cheap with the chocolate! A generous handful should do it.IMG_2391
  11. Lastly another layer of cream.
  12. As if this wasn’t a sweet enough treat, I added some flake on top to decorate.IMG_2393
  13. Repeat these steps with each jar/container.
  14. Set in the fridge for a few hours. The lovely thing about this cold dessert is that you can eat is straight away if you can’t resist, but placing it in the fridge does help hold everything together.




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