Double Cheese Open Sandwich (For those indulgent moments)

I always have this craving during the day for something sweet. It usually happens somewhere between lunch and dinner. Not only do I wish for something sweet, I also wish for something filling, comforting, something doughy! Like bread, or doughnuts, or cake! (Yes, I know all the things you shouldn’t have, but I can’t resist. Don’t worry, I’m working on it.) I recently discovered mascarpone cream cheese whilst having breakfast at Vovo Telo in Parkhurst. I ordered a freshly baked scone and one of the sides was mascarpone. I loved it and was surprised I hadn’t discovered this marvelous creamy, cheesy goodness earlier.

One day in the kitchen, during one of those craving moments, I experimented with some ingredients and came up with this open sandwich. It’s like one of those weird sandwiches you put together but it just works. Like Simba chips on bread, or vegemite on toast. It just works!

The thing I love about this creation is that is satisfies my deep love of two things: bread and something sweet. And best of all, to me it tastes like a slice of cake. Genuinely! So be warned if you’re not a sweet tooth person, this is extra sweet but oh so good! This is definitely a cheat treat!

ingredients |



Ciabatta bread or French loaf if you prefer (freshly baked and slightly toasted on a grill is the best!)

Mascarpone cream cheese

Strawberry jam

Cheddar cheese

A little of Golden syrup

Step 1: Thickly layer the mascarpone on a thickly cut slice of bread. I like to keep it chucky so that I get a nice mouthful in every bite.

ciabatta bread | waydenelaing.comimg_2456

Step 2: Drizzle some strawberry jam on top. I only drizzle a small amount, as the strawberry jam tends to get over powering and can over sweeten it. You just want enough to get subtly get the taste to counter all the cheese on the bread.


Step 3: Generously grate some cheddar cheese on top of the jam. (Double cheese sandwich!)


Step 4: A light drizzle of golden syrup on top to hold everything together and give another burst of sweetness (think frosting is to the cake!)


And there you have it! A quick and easy indulgent open sandwich to whip up during those moments of weakness!


Let me know in the comments below any of your favourite snacks to make when you’re feeling extra ‘snacky’!

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