Environ Focus Care Range First Impressions

It couldn’t have been more perfect timing. I was on the search for something different. In the lead up to my wedding next year, I was looking to solidify my skincare routine and get my skin looking healthy, glowing, and basically just perfect for my wedding day.

So when I was selected to test and review the new Environ Focus Care Range with Beauty Bulletin, I may or may not have done a little happy dance!

I’m going to be testing out the Revival Masque from the Environ Focus Care Youth+ Range, and the Hydrating Oil Capsules trial pack from the Environ Focus Care Moisture+ Range. Both myself and my mother will be testing out these products for the next few weeks, and I’ll be journalling the experience both here on my blog, as well as my social media. Please feel free to ask any questions, comment about your own Environ experience, and anything else in between.

First Impressions 


I love the soft touch feel of the boxes. It has a sleek and simple design, that gives it a luxurious look and feel just from the outside. My favourite feature has to be registered slogan “A beautiful skin for a lifetime”, as you lift the lid. Inside the box product boxes are lined with brightly coloured patterns, and the Revival Masque has an easy to read illustration of how to use the product on the outer lid. The Revival Masque also comes with a white application brush.

The containers both have a “jar within a jar” look, with a light plastic outer that looks like glass. It’s again very simple but modern, light enough weight to be practical.

For a look at the unboxing of these products, have a look at my Instagram highlights here.


Environ Focus Care Moisture+ Hydrating Oil Capsules 

This is a sample sized container, with several individual capsules inside, that seems to try fit a lot of product in a small space. Unfortunately one or two of my capsules had burst already, which gave my tub a lightly scented smell. The capsules are cute and pearlised and I can’t help but think they look like mini champagne glasses, and I’m all about that!

Environ Focus Care Youth+ Revival Masque

The innovation behind this jar to keep the product as fresh as possible is the airless system. After opening the lid, you push down on it to dispense the product in just the right amount to lightly cover the face. The Environ face brush is cute, and easily fits inside the box for easy storage. The bristles are super soft and gentle on the skin.


Environ Focus Care Youth+ Revival Masque

After cleansing my face, I applied a light layer of product all over my face including my neck using the application brush. As the masque is off-white to clear in colour, it does make it slightly difficult to see where you’ve applied the product and if you’ve missed any spots. Because of the airless jar system, the product remains uncontaminated which is great! The leaflet inside suggests trying the masque for 10 minutes for the first week and then gradually process to 20 minutes. This is especially good for testing out a new product on your skin in case of any reactions. At first, I was a little worried after applying the masque because it started to tingle. It was a strange but exciting feeling, as I imagined all the powerful Alpha Hydroxy Acids working on my skin. After rinsing off the masque, my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth. My pores disappeared, especially where they are usually most visible around my nose area, and my skin felt firm without feeling too tight. Usually straight after using water on my face I’d need a moisturiser, but surprisingly, my skin wasn’t screaming for hydration.

Environ Focs Care Moisture+ Hydrating Oil Capsules 

Straight out the gate, these Hydrating Oil Capsules are my favourite! WOW! Firstly, they come in these tiny ‘champagne glass’ shaped pearl capsules. They may look small, but it is more than enough product for your entire face. It has a slightly thick, yet fluid consistency that feels like velvet between your fingers, and glides all over your face as you apply it – I loved the feeling of massaging it into my skin. It has a pleasant but light scent, and the product melts into your skin. It doesn’t leave a shiny or sticky feeling on the surface of the skin, but rather leaves your skin softer than a baby’s bottom! You apply this product in the evening, and because it doesn’t leave any residue, you don’t have to worry about any product getting on to your pillow. My skin looks velvety smooth, soft, and I saw an instant healthy glow.

What are your main skincare concerns? Let me know in the comments down below!

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