Happy New (February) Year!

January just never feels like a new year for me. The way Christmas spills over into New Year makes it feel like a merged holiday (refer to holiday photos), and it takes me a few days after that to adjust to life again. Then it takes me another few days to plan my year, buy a diary and new stationery and get into the swing of things. Before I know it, it’s February. Although the moment I got back from holiday this year I hit the ground running with wedding prep and more, I still only managed to get myself together just the other day. I heard someone say it best: “January is like a trial run.” 

So the 1st of February is where my new year actually begins. I now feel ready, prepped and even though I’ve been very busy before, it’s still kinda felt like 2018 v 2.0. The thing that makes the new year feel more real, is the fact that this year, this very year, I’ll be getting married. What? Even just typing it out my heart rate increases and my finger tips start to sweat. My heart beats so hard and loud I can hear it as though it were outside my chest. Partly because the list of things to do before the wedding is about as long as the yellow pages, and partly because things are about to get a whole lot real! 

Wedding planning aside, this year on my blog I want to write more authentic posts. The kinda stuff I started writing all those years ago with my first blog Words With Waydz (talk about a cheesy alliteration). I want to write about things in my life, in my career, and all around me. I want to write about random things that sometimes don’t fit into a perfect category. I want to maybe sometimes rant, joke or share my stories. But most of all, this year I want to build a community. A community where we share and chat in the comments. Where I get to you know more and you get to know my crazy self too. I want to keep it real and also keep it fun and creative. I’ll still be writing about lifestyle and entertainment. The things I feel passionate about and want to share with the world in my little corner of it. 

I want to write more. And to do that I need to get out of my head and just be fearless and bold. But my problem is I over think too much and do little. I want things to be perfect and sometimes before I’ve even began I already give up because I think I won’t be able to meet my own standards. So this year I’m turning over a new leaf and tossing the rule book (wait.. who is this girl!) I’m going to just write. So forgive me if sometimes it seems like mumble jumble, or if it isn’t good enough. But I’m just going to create content and put it out there before my brain starts to over think it and stops me in my tracks. The more I do, the better I’ll get right? 

I’ve realised that the people I love to follow the most on social media or blogs are the ones that keep it real! That show all of their flaws and imperfections. And I love it. I love how unapologetically authentic they are. Because most times life is full of beautiful imperfections, and I’m ready to embrace them. 

Happy New Year (in February!) 

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