In conversation with Timothy Moloi, vocalist of Gone Too Soon

After graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University in the USA, born and raised in Soweto, Timothy Moloi has an extensive resume in the music and entertainment industry. He has performed for the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the SA Gold Open and the Cricket SA Launch Season, to name a few, and his debut album Love That Music was nominated for two SAMA Awards.

His warm and bubbly personality is mesmerising to watch on stage and to meet in person. Timothy’s vocal ability is effortless and smooth accompanied by his winning smile, and it’s no wonder he has featured on stage productions such as Always and Forever – A tribute to Luther Vandross, Motwon Gold and even two of Janice Honeyman’s pantomimes.

Now, both a vocalist and vocal coach for the Born To Perform young performers in the upcoming show Gone Too Soon at The Lyric at Gold Reef City, Timothy Moloi chats about what he’s most excited about for the show and the pressures of portraying these incredible music legends.

1. With your extensive experience in the music and theatre industry, what does it mean for you to be a part of Gone Too Soon?

I’ve been privileged to work in the music industry for a long time now, and I’ve had the pleasure of singing many different styles of music, which has had an enormous influence on me. “Gone Too Soon” is a rare opportunity for audiences to enjoy an eclectic mix of some of the world’s greatest songs, by some of the most acclaimed artists of all time, who sadly, left us too soon.

2. Is there a lot of pressure when performing someone else’s music? Especially when they are popular music legends. How do you deal with this to ensure you pay tribute to the artist, but also bring your own personality to the performance?

I always feel a responsibility to honour someone else’s music, however I do try to do my own interpretation of their songs. Whilst it is essential to stay true to the spirit of the original artist, when paying tribute to them, it is also important to avoid trying to do an imitation of their work.

3. Which music artist legend has inspired you through your career, and why?

Luther Vandross. One of the best voices of all time, a great songwriter, producer and one of the best collaborators and interpreters of songs. Whether it was an original song, or a cover, he always made it his own. He had such a unique and distinctive style, that had an enormous influence on music, and influenced an entire generation.

4. What are you most excited about for the show?

I’m excited to be performing so many genres of music, by such diverse artists. Joseph Clark, Mariechan and myself are very different singers, who will each bring our own unique flavour to the show, as well. I’m looking forward to audiences enjoying everything from jazz and soul, to R&B, from rock to pop music. And sharing the stage with the incredible Johannesburg Youth Orchestra, and the talented young singers from “Born To Perform”, whilst paying tribute to these legends of the music industry, is going to be very special.

5. What has the experience been like auditioning as well as being a vocal coach to the Born to Perform vocalists who have now joined the cast of Gone Too Soon? What can you say about the future of South African talent? 

It has been such a pleasure auditioning, and working with these talented and dedicated young vocalists from “Born To Perform”. I know that they are going to blow everyone away in the show.

Tickets range from R150 – R280.

Bookings are through or Computicket or by calling The Lyric Theatre Box Office on 011 248 5000.

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