Spring Fresh Fruit Slush

I love the freshness of Spring. The atmosphere almost feels electric with new possibilities and new beginnings. And I couldn’t be happier for some warmer weather! (Joburgers are you with me?)

Spring also brings about a pop of colour, whether in the garden with budding flowers, or in-season fruit. I’m not the biggest fruit lover, nor do I drink my recommended daily amount of water. But, I do love Slush Puppies! My family and I love making home made slush. Blitzing some ice into a coarse snow and pairing it with a cordial like passion fruit or even some good ol’ Oros.

Today, I was inspired to make a fresh fruit slush that is super easy and so crisp and fresh! And you can eat it with a spoon, which is the real reason I love slush puppies at the movies! It’s not at all complicated with no added sugar. (Hello all my healthy people!) I’m a bit of picky eater, and I don’t like to mix my fruit. So I made individual fruit slushies that give you a burst of fresh fruit flavour in one glass.



A handful of fruit (I used in-season citrus, pineapple and strawberries which I bought from Woolworths in their 3 for 2 special of chopped fruit)

125ml of water

1 cup of ice cubes

Sprig of mint

A squeeze of lemon (Which I picked from the lemon tree in my garden)


Step one: Add water, ice cubes and almost all fruit (leave a few pieces for later) in a blender.

Step two: Pulse the blender so that ice and fruit are incorporated evenly. You can keep pulsing until the consistency you want. I like it slightly chunky, so I can also eat some with a spoon.

Alternatively, you can add the ice alone in a blender and blitz until coarsely crushed. Then add fruit pieces and pulse slightly. This means that the fruit won’t get too ‘mushy’.

Step three: Empty into a glass. (Be careful with this step!) And add a squeeze of lemon.

Step four: Chop a few pieces of fruit (from step one) to add on to the top. And dash with some mint. (Because it looks good in photos!)




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