The Worst Wedding Dress Fitting Experience

I’m not in the business of bad mouthing places, or people. So although I won’t indulge in too many details, I thought sharing my experience could either be cathartic for me or enjoyable for you, the reader. Either way, it’s worth going down memory lane for this story as I steadily move forward with my wedding plans.

There I was, all excited for yet another bridal fitting with my bridal tribe (mom included). After paying a hefty consultation fee and driving a fair distance away from home, I was excited to try on some international designer gowns to get a better feel for my wedding dress style. I had already googled the dresses I was dying to try on from their website, and had heard great things about the place. Walking through the tall doors and into a pure white room, with a glorious white stair case in the middle, we were greeted by a friendly wedding dress consultant, who’s smile was very inviting for such an early 8am appointment. We were served champagne with berries, and a tray of mini breakfast edibles.

After a very detailed questions and answers session, which I wasn’t too sure had much to do with deciding my wedding dress style (like my amount of wedding guests), we went upstairs to our very own private dressing room. It was very unique in that the changing space was in the centre of the room surrounded by a circular curtain. A lovely dramatic unveiling of the dresses I will admit. It was beautiful! Except here is where things started to go slightly down hill. Ignorant in my knowledge about wedding dress fittings, I started to realise I had not told the consultant which dresses I wanted to try on. When I brought this up, she cheerfully but firmly stated that we could try on my dresses if there was time after trying on her suggestions for what she thought would look good on me. I’m in no ways trying to undermine her wedding dress knowledge or expertise, but since I paid for this experience I should at least have preference on what I want to try on. Yet I let it slide, as her dress options were good, and I even liked a few.

When it finally came time to try on a dress I had suggested, because it went against her previous sentiments, I’m convinced she brought out the most unflattering option just to prove her point. Again I let it slide, because, maybe I was wrong. I must admit I had been wrong before. Dresses I thought looked amazing on the models online, looked awful when I tried them on myself.

Cue the drama. (I’m kidding, slightly) In all my previous fittings, the consultants usually asked which were my favourite two or even three that I had narrowed it down to. Then they would quote me on the dresses and give me time to go home and decide. But not this lady. She went full steam ahead and basically made it seem like I had signed my name in blood at the beginning of the consultation. The friendly and chirpy lady we had met in the beginning did a 360 as she became one of those persistent sales people in the mall trying to sell you the dead sea product range – she was not going to take no for an answer. She wanted me to put down a deposit right then and there. Hold the phone and shut the front door! A wedding dress is not only a full on investment, it’s a huge decision. And unless I jumped up and down and said ‘yes, this is the dress of my dreams’, I’d like some time to think about it.

But she persisted. And we were too polite to give her some stick.

After trying again and again to explain that I needed time to decide, I told her that we had other bridal fittings as well (which were true to some extend). To which she frankly asked, ‘Which places?’ Out of the list of tens of bridal stores in the entire province that I written down in my note book, my utter shock that she would even ask me that, blocked me from being able to name even just one other store.

After making us feel awkward and embarrassed, for an experience we paid for, she finally gave up and with an unimpressed face, she simply stood up without so much as a ‘thank you’ or ‘goodbye’. My heart was deflated and my wedding dress bridal fitting experience was slightly tainted. I decided at that point, even if they had the best dresses in the country, I was never going to go back and be put under so much pressure for such a big decision. My biggest lesson I’ve learnt along the way is that the best wedding vendors are the ones I’ve connected with personally. It makes the experience so much easier, and you feel free to explain your ideas and know that you’ll be heard and understood. You know that they will do whatever they can to make your day the best ever, with your vision in mind.

As for that bridal store, bye Felicia! 

*All images from Unsplash

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