YouTube Channel: Update

I’m so excited to be launching my very first YouTube channel.

I’m quite obsessed and enjoy watching YouTube videos in my spare time. Watching YouTubers like Zoella, iiSuperwomanii, Miranda Sings and so many others, I was so inspired to jump out into the unknown and start one of my own. From a young age I always loved creating home videos with my siblings, creating our own mini movies and shows. I started with our family camcorder using cassette tapes, and moved to disc, and even the webcam of my laptop. Now I use our family (but more like my) DSL canon. I love to entertain. And the point of my YouTube is channel is exactly that… to entertain. To have a laugh, and make you smile.

Watch my latest video, here:


I am so excited to announce I have been selected as one of the Top 30 YouTubers for Cell C’s #BreakTheNet competition. In order to get to the next round I need to ‘net the most views’ on my task video. Please watch and share the video below and help me get to the Top 15 Sunday 6 November 2016. I hope you enjoy and get to learn a little bit more about me.

Watch and share my task video, here: